Sharing a special journey….

“I would like to share my writing with you. I am proud of how I can write now. Can you see my writing from before? Even I can’t read what I have written!”
“Wow! That is amazing!”
What a conversation to overhear.

“How have you improved?”
“I think am better at keeping finger spaces now.”

These are just some of the amazing conversations going on at various corners in my classroom. At times it sounded like a buzz, a traffic jam or an interview as students proudly shared their learning, challenges and successes with their peers, teachers and families. Discussions in English, Korean, German, Russian, Italian and Chinese. The energy, laughter and questions were a reminder of what a journey in learning sounds and looks like. What a remarkable achievement for students, to be able to share their most precious moments and treasures with others.

This journey is a celebration of learning that takes place at Student-led Conferences. It’s a time when students share their memories, thinking, growth and anecdotes using samples of work, tasks, activities, assessments and reflections. It’s a time for celebration and reflection and a time for setting goals and making plans.
It is a privilege to be able to witness and be part of such a moment. It is yet another reminder about why I chose to travel on this path.

How do you celebrate your students learning journeys?


Genius hour continues……..

Students could not wait to get their hands on their projects! I was moved by the level of interest and motivation. Even though it had been a week since they had worked on their project, they knew exactly where they were in terms of the inquiry process. They carried on as if we had never put down our work.
How is Lego made?

How did dinosaurs communicate?


Can I make my own movie?
Animation by Alina…My animated movie!

Genius Hour

Our first Genius Hour!
Inquiring, thinking, sorting, reflecting, making, problem solving, creating, presenting, discussing, sharing! What more can a teacher ask for?
What is at the bottom of the ocean?

What’s is space?

How can I make a bag using paper?

Why do volcanoes erupt?


Buddy Reading


It’s amazing how much kids can teach you, if you are ready to learn!
Watching my Grade 1 class reading with their buddies, makes me remember how my grandmother used to read to me. For hours we were absorbed in a story. It taught me to treasure and love books. My students huddle in corners, under tables, in beanbags and cushions, along with their best choices of books. They laugh, chat, giggle and squirm as they look through the material. Books have treasures waiting to be found. Take a moment to sit back and let your kids do the digging. Then, when they find the treasure, share in the celebration.